EP’s New Perspective Brings a Big Breath of Fresh Air

New is a rare bird. It’s hard to find, and often difficult to come to terms with. It was even Shakespeare himself who once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” But every once in awhile, something new erupts and not only is it fresh, but the change it brings makes the little hardships in life that much easier to bear. While out and about in our city this week, I stumbled across something new. But it wasn’t the difficult “new,” it wasn’t the hard-to-take “new” – it was the sublime “new.” The rare “new” that only comes once in a blue moon. If you haven’t heard, there is a new shop open for business on Stanton Street. Open since April 16, Paradigm Texas has infected the Sun City with style. Owned by John Zimmerman and Robert Lomnicki, this power couple has brought their years of experience travelling and working for world-class designers to West Texas with chic style and elegant taste. Offering a select assortment of home décor, new and vintage furniture, glassware, barware, indoor and outdoor entertainment ware, men’s and women’s boutique items, exclusive teas and candies, jewelry, local and regional art, pet accessories, and even items for children – Paradigm Texas is a great spot to add to your list whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind piece to add to your library, or if you are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one. And if you love what you see, Lomnicki and Zimmerman also offer their interior design services. “We are always changing what we have so it’s always fresh. What we have here are items we would have in our own home,” Lomnicki said. “We want to offer this city a new view point and perspective through pieces that speak to experience – items that are timeless and storied.” With most of the items in the store being either handmade or fair trade, the effect is simply flawless. When you walk into Paradigm Texas, you feel that you have stepped into a different corner of the world. A space where you can not only shop, but also take in a different vantage point on life because that’s exactly what Zimmerman and Lomnicki offer. After meeting 23 years ago in New York, while both of them were working for Georgio Armani, the two have been a team ever since working all over the United States from the East Coast to Highland Park in Dallas, Oak Street in Chicago, and most recently Beverly Hills. Together they bring their shared experience and styles to their store and with it, curated pieces of beauty. “I remember, one day we were in South Hampton together. We were shopping and simply got inspired. We both said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we had our own store?’ And today here we are, and it is our honor and our privilege to serve El Paso,” Zimmerman said. So if you are in the mood for something different, pop into Paradigm Texas and see “new” for yourself.

Paradigm Texas Helps Entertainment district in West El Paso make comeback

While the entertainment district still boasts its fair share of bars, the landscape is diversifying. Places like Paradigm Texas in Kern Village come to mind.

“We curated every single item in this store,” said John Zimmerman, who grew up in El Paso but spent the last 30 years working for some of the biggest names in fashion and design.

“I worked with Armani and Prada for many years, opening stores across the country,” he said.

John and his partner, Robert Lomnicki, always dreamed of opening their own store. So when they moved to El Paso last year, it was time to try.

“I think we wanted to elevate people’s lifestyle expectations by offering a collection of items and services that we didn’t see here,” said Lomnicki.

Paradigm Texas has only been open a few months, but John and Robert say the response has been remarkable.

“It’s been enormous,” said Lomnicki.

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